Shipping Calculator

Welcome to this small but efficient shipping calculator that will easily tell you the best and cheapest options for shipping your Magic cards within Sweden, or anywhere else in the world. Some disclaimers:

Supported carriers are: Postnord, DHL & Schenker
Maximum insured value is 100.000 SEK (Sweden/EU) and 25.000 (Outside EU)
Shipping cost will appear here
Version history:

1.0 – Postnord support for Sweden, EU, and Outside EU
1.1 – Updated price lists for Postnord
1.2 – Added price lists for DHL & Schenker
1.3 – Added price lists for Postnord Värde (Sweden)
1.4 – You can now select All Carriers (e.g. find the cheapest one), or select a preferred carrier.