January 30, 2021    
All Day


Event Type

Venue: Tolaria
# of players: 8
Format: Old School
Ruleset: Swedish (Gentlemen’s Rules+special ban list*)
Structure: Swiss & Playoffs
Tournament-report: via Seb @Wak-Wak
Winner: Jonas with his Trick-Deck
WilleMagic performance: 2nd place (!)

2nd tournament in the series that (due to the covid-19 pandemic) took place online, using the great Tolaria-app for maximum effect. 8 players in total signed up for the tournament, which had the special rule that each participating player would choose one card of their choice to ban, without knowing what the other players had chosen. Upon revealing the complete ban-list*, players would build their deck and then play it during the tournament.

*The banned cards for the tournament was:
Mind Twist, Library of Alexandria, City in a Bottle, Mishra’s Factory, Triskelion, Energy Flux, Black Lotus, Maze of Ith, Disenchant and Swords to Plowshares.