Signed cards – Jan/March 2023 report

We have now entered 2023 and the first quarter has come to an end. The collection is slowly but steadily getting ready to reach 100%, and with this post, the Legends collection is completed 😉

#1 – Unlimited Lot #1
First up is a small but smooth lot with Unlimited cards. 2x Hypnotics (one with a cool alter), as well as my final Royal Assassin I needed, thus completing the playset. A nice little Rush-Bell to go with that, and an Enchantress!

#2 – 4x Pyrotechnics
A card that I’ve always felt that I needed but have never played with is Pyrotechnics, and when a playset appeared online, I snagged them all! Now let’s see what deck I can play them in…

#3- Altered Karakas
One of the coolest alters in the binder is now Karakas, signed and altered by Nicola. Not many alters from her around, so this is extra special!

#4 – 2x Serendib Efreet
One of those cards that you “have to have” in the collection is Serendib Efreet. So I bought two (and also a third that did not make a picture), which felt kind of good. Sadly only one of them is signed, so now my Arabian Nights collection is no longer 100% signed…but even more reason to solve that asap 😉

#5 – Random lot #1
A small but fun lot including a Tetravus, another big book, as well as a really cool signed Urborg!

#6 – Drew Tucker lot incl. altered Plateaus!
The biggest thing of these first months was without a doubt meeting Drew Tucker at Arvika Festival 2023! And since I had the opportunity, I got a whole lot of his cards from The Dark signed, as well as getting my quite beat up Plateaus altered “four seasons”. So now they can be played with confidence again 😀

#7 – 4x Ashnod’s Transmogrant
Another “strange” card to put in the binder, but as long as it’s a playset that is signed, I’m happy!

#8 – 3x Emerald Dragonfly & 2x Durkwood Boars
To finalize this first post of the year, I bring you not 1, not 2 but 3 signed Emerald Dragonfly by Quinton Hoover. Not the easiest card to get your hands on, so this was an opportunity that I simply could not resist! And also got 2x Durkwood Boars in the same deal; thus completing my Legends binder!

Here we go 2023! More fun stuff are coming 😉

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