Signed cards – Sep/Dec 2022 report

2022 has ended, and boy, what a ride it has been! Cards have been sold, cards have been bought, and cards have been traded. All for my mission to complete my signed collection! How did it go? Read on 😉

#1 – 2x Falling Star & a signed Dervish
First up for this post is not only one, but two completed signed playsets. Now the binder is complete with 4x Falling Stars, and 4x Whirling Dervish!

#2 – Signed lot from Fraizer & Myrfors
I’ve sent cards to various artists in the past, and it has all worked out smooth. This time I tried to go through via one of the many artist-agents out there, and wanted to complete a few more playsets. Said and done, it all worked out superb! And the binder now has 7 more signed playsets! Boom!

#3- Random signed lot #1
While browsing the interwebs, I found a playset of Lat-Nams which I decided I must have! To make the shipping easier, I also added some additional sweet cards from Legends and The Dark (because why not?)

#4 – Alter-time!
I’ve always loved Dan Fraizers dragon-alters, and now I have two more to my Beta Swamps-collection! Also managed to snag an altered Hammerheim, in the shape of a Mox Ruby. Pretty cool!

#5 – Four seasons Swords to Plowshares!
One of the many top-cards in Old School, Swords to Plowshares, has been signed in my binder for a long time. But now that I saw someone selling a classic four-season-alter-playset, I simply could not resist. Said and done, the binder now looks even prettier than before!

#6 – Chaos Orb playmat
I really have to stop buying playmats…but…this particiluar playmat has actually been on my radar for quite some time, and when it suddenly popped up in front of me I just had to buy it! Signed and numbered #27/50.

#7 – In the Eye of (signed) Chaos
A card that I have never owned or played is In the Eye of Chaos. But now I apperantly own a signed one haha. Maybe it can go in a deck going forward?

#8 – Jesper Myrfors Ltd. Ed. Playmats x3!
Again…I’m sorry for buying more playmats haha. This time, Jesper Myrfors had created playmats with normal and Ltd. Ed. versions of his iconic Dual Lands. Said and done, three of them caught my eye and I bought them! Even more fun is that two of them (Bayou and Tundra) actually got numbered #1/500 (!), and the third one (Tropical Island) got the #4/500 slot. Very happy!

What a terrific finish to 2022, and I’m sloooowly reaching 100% signed cards in the collection! Let’s go 2023 😉

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