Signed cards – October 2021 report

You really feel that autumn is upon us with colder weather, more work, and slowly counting down towards Christmas. Based on this, the mailcalls for the month was slightly smaller than usual, but I still managed to snag a few beauties! Have a look 😀

#1 – Devils and a Su-Chi
Two great cards that looks even better signed! This helped me finalize my playset of Devils, and now I’m only 1 Su-Chi away from a full playset. Let’s see if November can take care of that 😉

#2 – Underworld Spirit Sandstorm
Some cards are harder to find than others, but when you manage to find them all from the same person you get a little extra happy. I managed to score Underworld Dreams #3, three copies of Spirit Link and also my first signed Sandstorm. Slowly building towards complete sets…

#3-4 – Ivory Towers!
After my first signed Ivory Tower back in September, October opened up and all of a sudden I managed to score the remaining three quite fast. Really beautiful card and art, and a really cool sign by Organ-Keen. A fun side-note is that the card with the “unusual sign” turned out to be a pre-1997-sign with some extra doodle-text. So that’s a big plus!

#5 – Holy Day
Not the most played card out there, but I have a feeling that it could be played more often…and now when I have 4x signed copies of the card, I’m gonna try it out in a WW-deck or similar 😉

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